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Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is clear ultra-rugged urethane film that protects your vehicle from physical damage like stone chips and damage from road debris. Paint Protection Film combines ultimate durability with brilliant clarity to protect invisibly. Paint Protection Film is the best way to protect your vehicle.

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Paint Protection

Partial Protection

Partial Paint Protection

Protect the high impact areas of your vehicle with this partial protection package.

This package includes a full front bumper and mirrors, partial hood and fenders. (usually 18" - 24" of coverage)

Prices starting at $900

Full Front Protection

Full Paint Protection

1+ Days
This is our most popular application. It's for those who want extensive frontal protection and don’t want the “line” from the Partial Protection package across the hood to affect the appearance of their vehicle.

It features "wrapped edges" where possible so the ends of the film are tucked around the inside of the panels. This makes the film practically invisible.

The package includes the full bumper, headlights, full fenders and hood plus the side mirror caps.

Prices starting at $2,000

Available Add-Ons

Partial Paint Protection
** 10-Year Warranty (Yellowing, Staining, Cracking, Blistering and Delaminating) **
** Prices do not include tax **

  • Full Hood - $649.00
  • Partial Hood - $299.00
  • Full Fenders - $599.00
  • Fenders (Pair/Partials) - $129.00
  • Full Bumper - $599.00
  • Side View Mirrors- $149.00
  • Truck Ledge - $149.00
  • Rocker Panels (Side Skirts) - $249.00-$399.00
  • Rear Wheels Flares - $99.00-$199.00
  • Headlights - $149.00-$199.00
  • Door Cups - 2-Door $79.00 / 4-Door $149.00
  • Door Edge Guards - 2-Door $79.00 / 4-Door $149.00
  • A-Pillars & Front Of Cab Top - $199.00
  • Gas Cap - $79.00
  • Rear Bumper (Full) - $499.00-$599.00