Professional Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing in Cleveland

Let it Shine with Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing

Don’t let environmental damage and daily wear show its effects on your car. We’ll help you feel pride in your ride with a luster and shine that will make it look like new, inside and out.

Interior Detailing

With the amount of time you spend in your car, you deserve a clean, comfortable interior with an appealing scent. Our interior detailing will leave it spotless.

  • Carpet vacuum, pre-treatment, shampoo, and steam clean
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning
  • Vinyl cleaning and conditioning
  • Window cleaning

Exterior Detailing

Give your car the professional care it needs. Our 3-step body care removes scratches, scuff marks and marks left by the elements, using the latest products and tech.

  • Hand Wash, Wheel and Tire detail
  • 3-Step Body Care with Clay Bar, Polish and Sealant
  • Buffing Treatment for oxidation, scratches, and color
  • Wheels-Off Service available with wheel polishing and sealant

Paint Correction

Get back that cherry red shine or that navy blue sparkle with our paint correction treatment. We remove scratches, oxidized paint, hard water spots, hazing and even swirls left from other detailing services. Our professionals will show you how it should look, leaving it with a pristine finish.

Ceramic Coating

Get the durable protection of ceramic coating. Bonded to the surface of your car, it’s 10 times harder than clear coat and doesn’t break down over time. The ultimate protection with a 2-year warranty.

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